About me

Hello! I'm Molly - a designer with a passion to create intuitive, functional and meaningful user experiences. Currently, working as a junior designer at Evoke Creative, I design interfaces for a wide range of digital experiences - from mobile devices and kiosks to digital signage.

My experience in the graphic design industry has provided me with skills in visual storytelling and communication which has helped me create digital experiences that are aesthetically pleasing and functional. I work with an empathetic design process that is research led and data driven ensuring that the user needs are met.

During my final year of university, I researched how engaging in arts within a rehabilitative setting can reduce the risk of reoffending. Specifically, I explored the user-centred approach of many participatory arts projects, involving collaboration, community involvement, and user feedback. This experience sparked my interest in UX design processes and taught me the value of listening to user feedback and designing experiences based on user needs.

Outside of work, I enjoy photography, travelling, and rollerskating. I'm always eager to meet new people and explore creative avenues. If you're interested in collaborating with me, let's connect and create exceptional user experiences together!